Guest blog – How regulatory professionals can keep up to date with growing regulatory complexity

The pace of medtech regulatory changes is only picking up.

  • MDCG guidances popping up.
  • Industry’s interpretations of the MDR maturing.
  • Need to keep an eye on the device state of the art, PMS data including vigilance, market news, competitors, standards development and so on.

And those are just the changes around the MDR in Europe.


If you fail to keep up with the times, it may cause delays to important projects. Or you might miss out on critical opportunities.

So how to avoid the oversight?

You need to think of the ways you handle regulatory complexity.

How do you identify and gather regulatory intelligence to keep up to date and take the right turns?

I’m excited to say I got a chance to write a guest blog post about this for a company called Hoodin.

They help medtech regulatory professionals with an automated regulatory intelligence monitoring tool to not miss a beat in the constantly changing regulatory environment.

You can check out the guest blog post here.

What about you, how do you keep track of regulatory changes?

Are there any tips or best practices you’d like to share?

Please let me know in the comments.

Or if you have a question or need help with anything on medical device regulations, feel free to contact me.

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