EU regulation frustrations? Use these 3 EU services to be better prepared and proactive in the EU regulatory process

Top 3 feelings people usually have about the EU legislation, such as the MDR or the AI Act?

Frustration. Surprise. Confusion.

And why?

One reason is that most people learn about the decisions only after they’ve been made.

If the decisions mean stricter control on you (like regulations tend to do), you’re not going to be dancing. Most people wish they had been able to prepare for the changes. At least voice their opinion during the law-making process.

Did you know you can use free EU services to better prepare for upcoming EU legislation, to suggest ways to simplify current laws, and to follow legislation work progress?

Here are three tips that might interest you.

How to proactively engage in and keep up with the EU law-making process?

Have your say – Public Consultations and Feedback

This service by the European Commission provides an opportunity for anyone to give feedback on EU laws and policies under development.

By registering for the service, you can comment the initiatives. You can also subscribe to stay up to date on topics and initiatives that interest you.

The medical devices community may find the currently open Health technology assessment – procedural rules for assessing and managing conflicts of interest worth commenting. In the third quarter of 2024, a public consultation feedback period is planned for EU rules on medical devices and in vitro diagnostics – targeted evaluation.

Have your say: Simplify!

In this European Commission portal you can propose ideas about how to simplify existing laws and lighten the regulatory burden. I believe this will interest those involved in the medical device industry in particular.

You can contribute to the work of the Fit for Future platform on pre-selected topics, or suggest new ones. All submissions will receive a reply.

Legislative Train

With the European Parliament’s legislative train, you can follow the legislative work progress of the current and past European Parliament terms.

You can trace the background, progress and documents per European commission priorities, strategies and work packages, or by European Parliament committees.

There’s for example the committee of environment, public health and food safety. You can trace its work of the MDR and health technology assessment (HTA). Here you‘ll find also any new medical-related legislative work by this committee.

You can use these three EU services to be better prepared and proactive in the EU regulatory process.

The feedback portals and the legislative work monitoring and traceability give you opportunities to develop your relationship with the EU regulatory system. You learn about the legislative process, who makes the decisions, what are the timelines and when you can influence the decision-making.

You can do more than just react. You can become more proactive.

I hope these tips make it easier for you to prepare for upcoming EU legislation, and to follow and participate in the legislation process.

If you have any questions or comments, you’re welcome to send me a message.

I’m always happy to listen to what’s on your mind and help you take the next step.

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